【March, 7-10】International school will be held

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MEXT Shin-Gakujutsu “Core-Mantle Coevolution”
International School in Hida

Date March, 7-10, 2019 (4 days 3 nights)
Venue Hotel Kikori (Website)
Excursion Tour to Kamioka Underground Laboratories
KamLAND, Super-Kamiokande etc.
Lecturers Andrew Campbell (Univ Chicago)
Mark Chen (Queen’s Univ)
Stephane Labrosse (ENS Lyon)
William F McDonough (Univ Maryland)
Barbara Romanowicz (UC Berkeley)
Participants Ph.D. students and postdocs (about 30 people expected)
Fees The registration cost for lodging and meals at Hotel KIKORI is approximately 37,000 yen (roughly 330 USD) for three nights and four days. Payment can be made directly to the hotel upon arrival. We will also collect 4,000 yen per person to cover entertainment expenses.
○Registration Fee : JPY 4,000
○Accommodation Fee : approx. JPY 37,000 (for three nights and four days with meals)
○Fee for the round-trip chartered bus from Toyama Sta./Airport (Outward→13:00 from Toyama Sta. or 13:30 from Toyama Airport / Return→13:50 from Hotel) : TBA
Poster Session Each poster should be printed in A0 portrait format
Registration Registration Form (12th Nov,2018 – 10th Jan, 2019)
We will close accepting applications once all the places are taken.
Contact International School LOC (H. Watanabe, T. Iizuka, K. Ueki, T. Tsuchiya)
school_loc -at-

Tentative program

March 7, Thu
(13:00-15:00 Session with Highschool Students)
13:00 Bus : Depart from Toyama Station
13:30 Bus : Stop at Toyama Airport
15:00 Bus : Arrive at Hotel
15:00- Check-in
16:30- Lecture 1-1 : Prof. Stephane Labrosse
17:50- Poster Session : Student Presentation 1
19:00- Dinner & Ice Breaker

March 8, Fri
8:30- Lecture 1-2 : Prof. Stephane Labrosse
10:00- Lecture 1-3 : Prof. Stephane Labrosse
11:30- Special Lecture on Geoneutrino : Prof. Mark Chen
12:50- Lunch
14:00- Kamioka Underground Tour
19:00- Dinner
20:30- Poster Session : Student Presentation 2
21:00- Poster Session

March 9, Sat
8:30- Lecture 2-1 : Prof. Andrew Campbell
10:00- Lecture 2-2 : Prof. Andrew Campbell
11:30- Lecture 2-3 : Prof. Andrew Campbell
12:50- Lunch
13:50- Lecture 3-1 : Prof. Barbara Romanowicz
16:20- Lecture 3-2 : Prof. Barbara Romanowicz
17:50- Lecture 3-3 : Prof. Barbara Romanowicz
19:10- Dinner
20:40- Poster Session : Student Presentation 3
21:10- Poster Session

March 10, Sun
8:30- Lecture 4-1 : Prof. William McDonough
10:00- Lecture 4-2 : Prof. William McDonough
11:30- Lecture 4-3 : Prof. William McDonough
12:50- Lunch
13:50- Bus : Depart from Hotel
15:20- Bus : Stop at Toyama Airport
15:50 Bus : Arrive at Toyama Station


Hotel Kikori

FYR, the following are information on the travel to Toyama.

1. Haneda Airport to Toyama Airport
ANA has direct flights. 4 flights/day
7:55-8:55, 9:40-10:40, 18:00-19:00, 19:50-20:45

It is easy to go to Toyama Station from Toyama Airport. Local bus or taxi are available. It takes ~20 min.
Around Toyama Station, there are lots of hotels and nice restaurants. Toyama is very good place to have fresh fish.

2. Narita Airport to Toyama Station
There is no flight from Narita Airport. Shinkansen (comfortable rapid train) is available from Tokyo area to Toyama station.
You need to change trains at Ueno or Tokyo station, and then take Shinkansen to go to Toyama.
Narita Airport – Ueno or Tokyo station (by Skyliner or Narita Express) : ~45 min
Ueno or Tokyo station – Toyama (by Shinkansen) : ~2h 30min

This webpage will be useful to check how to go to Toyama by trains.

Here is a link to share the map around Toyama and lists of visiting places.