【10/18~20】A01-2,A02,A03-1 Group Meeting will be held

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Date Oct. 18th-20th, 2018
Venue Tohoku Univ.


Oct. 18 (Thu)

●13:00-14:00 J. Kimura 木村 純一(JAMSTEC)
“Thermochemical evolution of Earth’s mantle over 4 Gyr”
●14:00-14:3 S. Tanaka 田中 聡(JAMSTEC)
“A brief history: the construction of PREM and other reference Earth models with discussions of uncertainties and frequency dependence”
●14:30-15:00 Houser Christine(東京工業大学)
“Insights from the latest joint P-wave and S-wave mantle tomography models”
●15:00-15:30 Break time
●15:30-16:00 Y. Higo 肥後 祐司(JASRI)
“Technical development of ultrasonic measurement under the conditions of lower mantle and the results for MgSiO3-bridgemanite”
●16:00-16:30 T. Inoue 井上 徹(広島大学)
“Hydrous bridgmanite: Water storage capacity in the Earth’s lower mantle”
●16:30-17:00 K. Kawai 河合 研志(東京大学)
“The Izanagi-plate and LLSVP: Three-dimensional S-wave velocity structure in the lowermost mantle beneath the Western Pacific”
●17:00-17:30 議論テーマ1 (Facilitator: S. Tanaka)
”Accuracy and precision of seismological reference models, experimental and theoretical study”
●17:30- Icebreaker and core time of poster session

Oct. 19 (Fri)

●09:00-09:30 T. Tsuchiya 土屋 卓久(愛媛大学)
“Challenge of Ab Initio Applications to the Metal/Silicate Elemental Partitioning“
●09:30-10:00 H. Kagi 鍵 裕之(東京大学)
“Nitrogen solubilities in mantle-minerals: current status and problems to be solved”
●10:00-10:30 Break time
●10:30-11:00 G. Shimoda 下田 玄(AIST)
“Role of serpentinite dehydration for the production of mantle reservoirs”
●11:00-11:30 M. Matsushima 松島 政貴(東京工業大学)
“Electric conductivity of the Earth’s core and flows in the core”
●11:30-12:00 Y. Sano 佐野 有司(東京大学)
“NanoSIMS analysis of rare earth elements in silicate glass and zircon”
●12:00- Lunch
●13:00-13:30 S. Kamada 鎌田 誠司(東北大学)
“Light elements in the core constrained from chemical reaction between the core and mantle ~Attempt to understand fractionation of sulfur and carbon isotope~”
●13:30-14:00 N. Kondo 近藤 望(愛媛大学)
“The Hadean silicate differentiation and mantle chemical evolution in the early Earth”
●14:00-14:30 Y. Nihsihara 西原 遊(愛媛大学)
“Rheological properties of hcp-Fe and the inner core anisotropy” 
●14:30-15:00 S. Kakizawa 柿澤 翔(愛媛大学)
“Equation of state of Al-bearing hydrous bridgmanite”
●15:00-15:30 Break time
●15:30-16:00 A. Suzuki 鈴木 昭夫(東北大学)
“The transportation of water into the lower mantle”
●16:00-16:30 Kuribayashi 栗林 貴弘(東北大学)
“Structural studies on high-pressure mantle minerals including Al and/or H”  
●16:30-17:00 M Satish Kumar(新潟大学), S. Aoyama 青山 慎之介(新潟大学)
“Stable isotopes as tracers in Deep Earth Process”
●17:00-17:30 S. Tateno 舘野 繁彦(東京工業大学)
“Core participation in mantle geochemistry”
●17:30-18:00 議論テーマ2(Facilitator: M. Satish Kumar)
”Light elements in mantle and core”
●19:00- 懇親会 @ESPACE Ouvert エスパース・ウベール (Science Complex C, 理学部合同C棟)

Oct. 20 (Sat.)

●09:00-09:30 A. Ishikawa 石川 晃(東京大学) 
“Highly Siderophile element constraints for core-mantle interaction”
●09:30-10:00 N. Akizawa 秋澤 紀克(東京大学)
“Metasomatic PGE mobilisation in the mantle: a case study of mantle xenolith from Aitutaki, Cook Islands”
●10:00-10:30 K. Suzuki 鈴木 勝彦(JAMSTEC)
“The challenges for the detection of the core-mantle interaction using 182W-isotope”
●10:30-11:00 議論テーマ3(Facilitator: K. Suzuki)
“Geochemical and geophysical model”
●11:00- (希望者のみ)ラボツアー
ニュートリノ科学研究センター見学 Facility Tour of Research Center for Neutrino Science

Poster Session

P-1 K. Funakoshi 舟越 賢一(CROSS東海)and O. Ohtaka 大高 理(大阪大)
Development of a method for measuring the viscosity of liquid iron alloy under high pressure
P-2 A. Yamada 山田 明寛(滋賀県立大)
The effect of modifier cation on pressure-induced Al coordination change in aluminosilicate glasses
P-3 F. Maeda 前田 郁也(東北大D3)
Stability of Mg-Fe carbonates in the iron-saturated lower mantle
P-4 K. Okamoto 岡本 啓太郎(東北大D1)
Structural determination of the Pmcn high-pressure form of lawsonite
P-5 K. Goto 五島 賢一(東北大M2)
The melting behavior in albite – brine system at 1.5 GPa : the effect of NaCl on melting temperature
P-6 Y. Horioka 堀岡 祥生(東北大M2)
Distribution experiments of sulfur between silicate melt and Fe-FeS melt for analysis of sulfur isotope fractionation
P-7 T. Ohashi 大橋 智典(東北大M1)
Elastic wave velocity measurements of dry and CaCO3-wet olivine at high pressure and high temperature
P-8 A. Nakajima 中嶋 彩乃(東北大M1)
Water effect on the mantle melting at the top of the lower mantle
P-9 M. Muranushi 村主 樹(東北大M1)
Composition of the hydrous lunar magma ocean and the crystallization process at the crust formation
P-10 C. Shito 市東 力(東北大B4)
P-V-T equation of state of synthetic guyanaite
P-11 S. Tanaka 田中 聡(JAMSTEC)
Azimuthal anisotropy of S-wave velocity in the lowermost mantle beneath Philippine, the outside of LLSVP
P-12 A. Sano 佐野 亜沙美(JAEA)
Hydrogen isotope fractionation between olivine and wadsleyite
P-13 T. Tanaka 田中 友崇(東京大M1)
P-14 M. Nishi 西 真之 (愛媛大 GRC)
Hydroxides in the Earth and Planetary deep Interiors